Tips for Securely Using Online Banking

For members of the Greater KC Public Safety Credit Union:

  1. User Name. With our new online banking system, you can define your own user name. Choose wisely! Don’t select an easy to guess name like “bill_and_wanda”. Instead choose something like “dogcatmilwaukee44”. Usernames can be up to 20 characters.
  2. Use LONG complex passwords. They don’t have to be hard to remember or random. Use phrases if that is helpful. For example, don’t try to remember “Mg7&53jfi!”. Instead try something like “wewenttoDenverlastsummer2011”.
  3. Challenge questions. Do NOT select a question/answer combination that is commonly known. I recommend memorizing answers that are not the correct answer to the question. For example, if the question is “in what city were you born”, instead of the actual answer, you might choose something like “applesauce”. Guessing security question answers are a common way to hack accounts.
  4. Don’t let your computer remember your password. Just not a great idea. Avoid this for better security.
  5. Current Contact Info. Make sure the Credit Union has your correct contact info so we can alert you when suspicious activity occurs. In Online Banking, click the “Contact Information” menu button to see the contact info that the Credit Union has on file for you.
  6. Use Alerts! Our online banking system will allow you to receive an alert every time anyone logs into your account, but you have to enable it.
    To do that in online banking,

    • Click the “Messages & Alerts” menu item.
    • Click “Manage Alerts”
    • Click the slider button to turn on “Login Alert”
    • Then click the “Login Alert” link and choose whether you’d rather receive an email or text alert.
    • While you’re in the alerts menu, look around and enable any other alerts that may help you manage and secure your accounts! I recommend enabling the following:
      • Secure Message Alert
      • Change in Contact Info Alert
      • Login Credential Change Alert
  7. Avoid accessing online banking from public computers and wi-fi networks.┬áSometimes it’s hard to avoid, but when you can, avoid using other people’s equipment to access your accounts. If you do find it necessary, I recommend changing your passwords (and even your username) afterwards.
  8. Enable “Challenge Question Each Login”. In online banking, click “Additional Services” from the menu and click the slider button to enable this feature. Once enabled, you will be prompted to answer one of your challenge questions every time you login to Online Banking.
  9. Use One-Time PIN Authentication. If you really want to lock down your accounts, click “Additional Services” from the menu and click the slider button to enable this feature. Once enabled, you will have to enter an emailed PIN each time you login.
  10. Periodically check event logs. It’s a good idea to check your built-in event log periodically to make sure nothing looks suspicious to you, especially if you have reason to believe you’ve been hacked. To see it in Online Banking, click the “Settings” menu item, and then “Event Logs”.

Let us know if you have questions about any of these security measures!


Coming to Kansas!

Toto may not be in Kansas anymore, but Greater KC Public Safety Credit Union is! We are busy working on renovating the old Wendy’s restaurant building at 7721 W. 123rd Street in Overland Park. We estimate an open date in September, 2017!

Stay tuned for more!